Worrying about the future goes hand in hand with parenting. But where does this get us? | Saman Shad

Perhaps it’s more important to focus on our children’s present by giving them the best childhood we can

My husband and I struggled with when exactly to become parents. Years went by and it never felt like quite right. We were young, living away from our families in London, and renting a small basement flat. We wanted to be settled – in our careers, in a city, living in a place we owned – before we committed to having a child. After all, those seemed like the sort of things parents, actual proper adults, should have.

In hindsight, we needn’t have worried as much as we did. Our daughter, and then our sons, were born to two parents who deeply care about them and their wellbeing. Like many parents, we put aside much of our own needs and wants to give our children the best life we could. More than a decade after becoming those shellshocked new parents, we now take more assured steps on our parenting journey. Our children are happy and healthy and thriving.

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