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While I was not entirely surprised to learn that nearly three-quarters of the population of West Dunbartonshire had experienced loneliness lately, I was shocked that over half of dwellers in Eden had (3.7m over-16s in Britain often or always feel lonely, ONS finds, 7 April). On reflection, however, I recollected that Adam was 100% lonely until God did something about it!
Tim Hill
Tarporley, Cheshire

• I can, from Monday, get my hair cut, my nails done, and go to the pub garden for a pint, but I’m still unable to see my GP face to face unless I am granted a rare appointment. When will GPs deign to restart face-to-face appointments? Surely the risks to us, and to them, are now no greater than for hairdressers or publicans.
Sue Robinson
Tyldesley, Greater Manchester

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