I have separation anxiety. I’m stuck in locked-down Sydney without my dog | Van Badham

My sausage-shaped shadow and I have been a constant pair but the Delta variant has kept our little family apart

When I was at my lowest lockdown point – maybe three or even four lockdowns ago – my sensible friend Jenni offered me some consolation. The pandemic may be miserable for humanity, she said, but we should take heart that it was a true golden age for dogs.

I glanced down. Our dachshund, Germanicus, was curled up beside me on the couch, in the shape of a fur croissant. His little bronze head was tucked against my leg. He was napping and smiling, and Jenni was, as she usually is, quite right.

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His demand for routine has prevented us from sliding into the fog of lockdown’s indistinct hours

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