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I understand about men who go and live in the woods without women (Men going their own way: the rise of a toxic male separatist movement, 26 August), but the rest of Laura Bates’ article had various views on the best amount and kind of sex that “men going their own way” should have with women. Nothing is said about whether they do their own washing up, hoover their own carpets, wash their own sheets or iron their own shirts. If so, may I say I think this is an excellent idea, to be encouraged.
Henrietta Cubitt

• Now that Kellyanne and George Conway are to step down from their roles as, respectively, top Trump apologist and fervent anti-Trump campaigner (Kellyanne Conway to leave Trump White House at end of month, 24 August), may we soon see them in their own TV reality show, with a title reflecting the innate complexity of their domestic coexistence. Keeping Up With the Konways, anyone?
Mike Gautrey
Wokingham, Berkshire

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