After I was arrested and sectioned, restorative justice offered me a lifeline | Bryony Friars

While experiencing psychosis, I tried to hurt people. But the compassion of my victims helped me to move on with my life

It started with the tapeworm. The tapeworm was lodged in my brain, and it was slowly killing me. Not only was there a parasite in my skull, but it had been nefariously placed there to murder me. A man had intercepted my takeaway order and put tapeworm eggs in my food. I knew it was him because he had given me an evil glare when I passed him in the street earlier in the year.

I visited doctor after doctor, but none of them would give me the brain scan that would reveal the worm and allow me to get help. They said I had no neurological symptoms. I confronted the takeaway owner to tell her of this wicked plot that was taking place. I grew more and more desperate. One day, I snapped.

Bryony Friars is a pseudonym. She is a student living in the north of England

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