Women fail to receive NHS support after miscarriage, say campaigners

Pregnancy and baby loss charity Tommy’s says 20% of women experience PTSD after miscarriage

Too many women are failing to receive support for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following a miscarriage, according to campaigners, who are calling on the government to completely overhaul medical services to better accommodate those who have experienced pregnancy loss.

The charity Tommy’s said that despite one in 10 pregnancies ending in miscarriage, it remains poorly understood due to the total absence of NHS data collection. Support on the NHS is also restricted to those who have experienced three miscarriages in a row, despite the fact many women experience lifelong physical and psychological consequences.

“We’re trying to bust the myths around miscarriage,” said Tommy’s chief executive, Jane Brewin. “One of these is that it’s a short-term thing rather than a long-term serious condition that doesn’t have an enduring impact of people.

“There are people who are psychologically really unwell who receive no interventions other than going to their GP who won’t be able to refer them for support unless they’ve had three in a row – this really isn’t adequate.”

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