The Suez boat saga enthralled the world – but not those with naviphobia

Stuck container ship triggered people with fear of ships and sea wreckage and megalophobia, the fear of large objects

When Grace Gibson was texted a picture of the giant container ship Ever Given stuck in the Suez canal, she clenched.

The image – of the gargantuan vessel wedged sideways into the canal – and the lone excavator working to free it – struck most as absurd. Against the massive underbelly of the ship, the equipment looked tiny. But for Gibson, a 26-year old Angeleno, it immediately evoked discomfort.

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When he learned the ship was bigger than the Empire State Building, it was game over

It’s such a weird phobia to begin with. Why am I scared of this thing? It can’t hurt me

It’s an overwhelming sense of feeling small

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