I have a good life. But how can I experience joy when there is so much suffering outside?

So much of our polity drenches us in pain, writes advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith, but even within torrential misery there are sparks of brightness

I had thought I had come to terms with suffering in the world. I have a good life, good husband, enjoy my job, good health, lovely place to live, no money worries. On an intellectual level I know being sad won’t help anyone. I do some volunteer work, vote for who I believe is a better choice, donate some money to charities I believe in, live a simple life, I thought that was enough.

But, recent world events have broken through. How can I experience joy when there is so much suffering? I could turn off the news, withdraw even further, but is that not selfish cowardice? Should I not at least bear witness? I feel like outside is endless suffering, which I can not stop. I feel guilty, then I feel self indulgent about feeling guilty. I don’t know what to do, or feel any more.

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Category: Mental Health